About Truly Plum

You may be wondering about the name.  Well, I called my blog Truly Plum because actually, a life of financial and geographical freedom – the much talked about ‘laptop lifestyle’ – truly is a bit of a plum, ripe and there for the picking should you desire it enough.

And let me tell you, any online entrepreneur who says this is not his/her main goal is lying – even the nice ones!


A Little Background

I don’t know about you, but the word ‘entrepreneur’ always evokes for me the stereotypical image of a young guy in a sharp suit and even smarter haircut (male) or a thirty-something, tablet-toting young lady with long hair in a stylish knot on her head (female).

I’m definitely not the first, and may once have been the second but not for a while – quite a while, actually 😉

Everyone’s life is a maze of twists and turns, and mine has been no exception. However, that story will keep for later. 

Hamish | Winston | Foxy

Suffice to say, I find myself where I am today having spent the past few years devoting myself to breeding labradors, and filling in the time between litters of puppies with pottering about online, searching for a way to make some extra income.

Truly Plum is the story of my adventure. Like any adventurer, I’ve sometimes come a cropper (colloquial English for ‘failed embarrassingly’): put my faith in the wrong people, failed to do due diligence, lost loads of money, worked really hard at the wrong things, etc, etc.  But I’ve had successes, too, and learned tons along the way; stuff I’d like to share with you on this blog in the hope that you can put into practice the good bits and avoid the potholes.


My Promise to You

In the posts that follow I will be charting discoveries, experiences, pitfalls, do’s and don’ts, triumphs, moments of enlightenment and snippets of advice I’ve picked up (and am still picking up because, let’s face it, even the so-called ‘experts’ don’t know everything).



My dearest wish is to help anyone else who, like me, yearns for the sort of freedom only a ‘laptop’ business can bring.

I promise to be candid and honest, and share with you everything I’ve learned, and am still learning.



The BIG Reveal…

Brace yourselves for revelation number one:

I’m a 58 years old former dog-breeder, an outdoors-y sort of person with little technical expertise (although I’m a dab hand at resuscitating a puppy!).  A mother of twins, with four delightful little grandchildren, an elderly father and a husband on the brink of retirement.

On paper it doesn’t look promising, I’ll admit.  Let’s face it, if I can do this, then so can you!

So come on, follow me and let’s have a crack at this together. You may surprise yourself! 🙂

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