Confession Time!

Today, it’s time for a BIG revelation!  Actually, it’s been a bit of a guilty secret so I’ll be glad to get it off my chest:

I’m actually a bit of an online-training addict!

There, I’ve finally ‘fessed-up. Gosh, I feel better already.

You see, like all addicts I’d been in total denial.  I duped myself into thinking that, because I was always really, really ‘busy’, I was actually working at my business.

In a way, I was.  But I was working in the wrong way.  In other words, I’ve been a Busy Fool.

I’ve spent hours a day at my computer, waded through umpteen expensive courses on eCommerce, digital marketing, email marketing, Amazon FBA, eBay arbitrage, SEO, traffic generation and influencer marketing, to name but a few.

I did learn a lot though…

  • I’ve learned about ‘flipping’ and ‘pivoting’ and ‘funnels’, and how to trade in Bitcoin
  • I have a mental glossary of acronyms and pseudonyms for hundreds of digital products and processes, most of which I don’t understand!
  • I have gazillions of technical terms at my fingertips, which I’ve never needed (and hope I never will)
  • I built an e-commerce store on Shopify, which I ran for over 3 years and never did manage to swing a positive ROI because advertising online is SO expensive!  Although, to be fair, I did have great fun designing the print-on-demand products I had listed on my store 😉

Finally, I also joined several membership sites, which promised the earth but delivered very little value.

And, along the way, I watched hours (and HOURS) of webinars, all of which assured me I had finally found the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I just had to click on that big, tempting red button and untold wealth would drop effortlessly into my lap.

It never happened.  What a surprise!

I felt SO frustrated!       

If only I could just hit on the magic tool or the magic formula, my business would sprout wings and fly, I told myself. After all, nobody could be working harder or more diligently than me, surely?                             

Finally, I had to admit to myself the awful truth; that I’d been ‘working’ online for years, and had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it except a groaning credit card and a swoon-inducing overdraft.

What was I doing wrong? Other people had definitely had tons of success with their online businesses – I mean, I’d read all their reviews so I knew it was true…!


Does any of this sound familiar?  Please say yes, because I’d hate to think I was the only gullible twit out there in ‘internet-land’, as my ageing father calls it.

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A Revelation

There’s a saying that we make our own luck.  I’m not sure if that is true; however, I can tell you this.  FINALLY, the fates that had been toying with me got bored and decided I deserved a break, and into my lap they dropped a book.  A real book, by the way, just in case you’re thinking I’d gone down another online rabbit-hole and landed on some flimsy e-book.

This book was all about affiliate marketing which, to the uninitiated, is basically promoting someone else’s products for a commission on each sale.  Additionally, and this is the best bit, you can build an email list of potential future customers while you’re doing it.  A win-win 🙂

I’d toyed with the idea of having a crack at this a couple of years ago but dismissed it as being probably too ‘tech-y’ for me.  Big mistake!!

The name of the author, Dean Holland, seemed vaguely familiar.  Then I realised I’d heard him speak at an event a couple of years ago, and I recalled how impressed I’d been with his quiet sincerity and integrity.

For any of you with even a smidgen of experience in the online marketing world, you’ll know that these are two qualities in very short supply.

His book, The Iceberg Effect, debunks all of the myths surrounding affiliate marketing.  It sets out, in simple language, to explain exactly what it is and how literally anyone can do it successfully IF (very important) they follow the straightforward guidance he lays out.

Well, needless to say, I devoured the book.  It didn’t disappoint 🙂

I was, in the modern idiom, ‘well-impressed’.  And actually a bit excited, because I realised that FINALLY here was something I could really make a success of!

And it didn’t matter that I’m not a young whipper-snapper, or that I’ve got a minuscule budget, or that I have family and responsibilities which constantly vie for my attention.

Or, and this is the most important thing to me, that when my husband retires from teaching we will be relocating from UK to France (long story for another time).  Because guess what: geography DOESN’T MATTER when you have an affiliate marketing business!

Cue happy dance 🙂           

I duly attended a training seminar run by Dean and his exceptional team, where I learned about everything I’d been doing wrong for the past few years, and how to put it right.


It hasn’t been a comfortable time since then; I’ve had to be ruthlessly honest and admit to myself that I’ve made a bit of a hash of things, business-wise but, well, all I can say is the future is looking considerably rosier than it did a while ago.

Set realistic goals, I was told.  So, okay, here goes…

Goal number 1: To make my first dollar in affiliate commission using only organic traffic methods (no paid advertising).  And where one dollar leads, more are sure to follow (or is that sheep…?).

Seriously, I think this is achievable.  In fact, I know it is, and I’m so excited to get started.

I’ll keep you up to date with my progress on this blog, and I promise I’ll share with you anything that I think may help you with your own online-business journeys.

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To that end, if you’re still trying, like I was, to find the missing piece of the making-a-profit-online puzzle, you could do a lot worse than check out this amazing book for yourself – The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland.

Oh, and the best bit is, it’s FREE! The only thing you’ll pay is a small shipping fee. ‘Money for old rope’, as my grandpa used to say.

Btw, if you think my first goal is laughably unchallenging, just remember this: whilst the tip of it was very small, below the surface an iceberg grew large enough to sink the Titanic!


Quote Warren Buffet means all the fake entrepreneurs will be exposed eventually
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Confession time is my epiphany about everything I'd been doing wrong with my online business in affiliate marketing
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Over to you…

Have any of the issues raised in this post struck a chord with you?  Perhaps you, like I was, are teetering on the brink – not quite sure if you have the courage to take the plunge and desperate for some friendly guidance.
If so, please let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll do my very best to help you


8 thoughts on “Confession Time!”

  1. Alison Boothby

    Debs, well done you. I love your writing style and love your candour. Wishing you every success. You deserve it. And hope you have heaps of fun along the way!

    1. Thanks Andy, that means a lot to me seeing as you’re a petty epic blogger yourself!
      I’m a newbie to this blogging lark but I’m finding that documenting my journey and sharing my thoughts about it is quite liberating.
      Watch this space 😉

  2. What a great post and I love your writing style. I have to say, I identified with the busy fool bit, particularly about spending fun time with graphics that fail to produce any ROI! It will be interesting to see how you now go about getting that first $1. I hope the next blog tells us what steps you take to make that a reality. All the best, I look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Thanks, Tony. I’ve got so much information to share; the challenge is putting down in a coherent manner which will help rather than hinder my readers.

      Someone once said to me that when you’re producing a piece of writing, the time you spend editing is much more valuable than the time you spend actually writing. I can certainly now testify to the truth of that!

      All the best, Debs

  3. Hi Deb, Great post, and one to which I can relate, especilaly the ‘gullible twit’ bit! It seems we have quite a lot in common; ive spent time dabbling in bitcoin, amazon, ecommerce ect. Like you I feel affiliate marketing is the way forward, and for me the approach ive had the most success with!
    Vic Waugh recommends you read…Making $1000 Paydays A Regular Occurance….My Profile

    1. Thanks, Vic. I definitely feel I’m on the right track now. It’s taken me a few years of trial and error but, as the saying goes, the best things are worth waiting for 😉 I’m certainly finding affiliate marketing more enjoyable than anything else I’ve done online, mainly because the communities are so great and supportive.

      I’ll certainly check out the blog post you recommend.

      All the best, Debs

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