Exciting Ride for a Newbie Affiliate

So… it’s been a couple of months since I began Truly Plum to chart my adventures as a newbie affiliate and boy, it’s been an exciting ride!

If you recall, my pledge was to build my business up using only organic traffic and I’ve stuck to that.  Truthfully, I could’ve set a budget for running some paid ads which would’ve given me instant, highly targeted leads but the whole point of this blog is to prove that the ‘free’ traffic is out there and it’s just a question of coaxing it out into the open.

Plus I’m stingy and hate putting my hand in my pocket unnecessarily.  Why pay for something you can get for free, right?

After all, I’m not trying to help anyone who’s already a successful affiliate marketer, that’d be pointless. I want to help the newbies – people with tiny budgets but big dreams. People like me.

Forgive me – this just reminded me of something, so I’m just going to pause and tell you a little story:

Back in February this year, about a month before lock-down, I spent a couple of very rainy days at a hotel near Heathrow airport UK, attending an affiliate marketing event put on by my peerless mentor, Dean Holland, and his team from Internet Profits.

Yours truly with Dean Holland, my mentor and CEO of Internet Profits

It goes without saying that the event was fab, with loads of training and networking, yada, yada, yada.  More on that another time…


After each session, we were asked to jot down the biggest ‘Ah-Ha’ moment we’d experienced. In other words, any sudden moments of utter clarity; light-bulb moments, if you like.

Going back through my notes for the conference the other day I found quite a few, and taken out of context they were quite amusing:

“Ah-ha moment – Water is the most important resource in your business (?) and distraction is your biggest enemy”
Apparently, most people forget to stay hydrated and then wonder why their brain doesn’t function. And there was me thinking it was just an ‘age-thing’…!

“Ah-ha moment – Content other than written doesn’t have to be difficult or scary”
No idea what ‘scary’ content is but assume it’s most people worrying that posting videos of themselves talking to camera will put folk off their cornflakes – other breakfast cereals are available 😉

Ah-ha moment – snowy videos”
This one was a bit cryptic and I had to search back in my notes for an explanation.  And this is interesting, so stay with me:

I met a very nice gentleman at the event who’d travelled a long way from his home in the mountains just to attend. For the sake of GDPR and other privacy laws we’ll call him Patrick (not his real name, although I promise he’s a real person).

Patrick is retired and, like a lot of folk, discovered that ‘retiring’ doesn’t mean you no longer have to worry about your level of disposable income but rather the reverse: retirement basically = gigantic pay cut.

Plus, Patrick had bought a house late in life and, at a time when most people were looking forward to becoming debt free, found himself saddled with a mortgage.

All of this meant he had a teeny-tiny budget with which to found and grow his new online business, a business he set up to supplement his pension and hopefully make life a bit more comfy.

Whilst standing on his front porch one day, pondering his options for traffic generation for his new business, it began to snow. Patrick reached for his phone and idly shot a short video showing the snowy beauty of the forest and mountains surrounding him whilst he talked about the weather.

Imagine his surprise when he loaded it onto Facebook and it got loads and loads of views and shares.  He did another one the next day, and then the following one after that.  His engagement grew exponentially, all from simple 2-minute-long videos telling people about the weather in his own back yard.

Now, Patrick’s weather reports aren’t aimed in any way at his business, but he now has an online presence which is recognised by Facebook as being valuable and their algorithm will target any content he posts from now on and show it to audiences in his niche.


That, my friends, is the power of social media 😀

OK, back to the Ah-Ha moments…

“Never underestimate the value you have to offer”
At the time I thought ‘Who? Me? What value could I possibly have to share??

But actually this is SO true!  Everyone has some snippet of knowledge which is valuable to someone else, even if you don’t think you do.

Look at me: on a graph of ‘successful, inspiring entrepreneurs’ I’d definitely feature in that far left-hand corner somewhere at the bottom near the right-angle.  And yet, even this journey I’m sharing with you is of value, even if it’s how not to do something!

For newbie affiliate marketers it can be a really wild ride
Check out our page on Facebook…

Now we come to the actual point of this story – my biggest ‘Ah-ha’ moment of all:

“Never EVER give up; because somewhere out there in your future is a person looking and hoping to change their life for the better with the knowledge you hold, and if you give up you won’t be there to pass on that knowledge and introduce them to a business model which can improve their life in incalculable ways.”

This absolutely stopped me in my tracks. I found it incredibly awe-inspiring – the idea that at some point in the future I may profoundly improve the life and prospects of someone I have yet to meet and haven’t even heard of, by teaching them about affiliate marketing and introducing them to my mentor, Dean, and to his partnership program at Internet Profits.

I mean, that really is a reason to get up in the mornings.

So… where were we?

Oh Yes. Well, I don’t mind admitting that, for the first few weeks after joining Internet Profits as an affiliate partner and before attending that event, I just sort of floundered around. I completed all the initial training really fast but then the enormity of what I’d set out to do sort of overwhelmed me…

Plus, I seemed to be on lots of mailing lists of people I’d never heard of but who were quite insistent that I shouldn’t miss out on what they had to offer!  So I kept receiving endless supplies of distracting videos to ‘educate’ me on stuff, like ‘starting a money-making blog’ or ‘building an email list’ or ‘generating 1000’s of leads in 2 minutes’ – you know the sort of thing, I’m sure.

What saved me was the book which Dean had just finished writing, The Iceberg Effect, and which I ordered mainly to find out if my affiliate link was working!

And then attending the event and meeting all the other partners, as well as Dean’s lovely team who couldn’t have been more down-to-earth and friendly but who packed a powerful punch in terms of their combined knowledge of how this industry hangs together, and what separates the truly successful entrepreneurs from the mediocre ones.

The perfect offer
Tap this image to start your own adventure!

I’ve read and re-read The Iceberg Effect several times.  Initially this was because I wanted to get absolute clarity before setting everything up but then something rather wonderful happened…

One day, in a Facebook group of newbie affiliates someone asked a question to which I actually knew the answer!  Not only that, but I was able to confidently join in the ensuing discussion and proffer some value of my own.

I felt like a million dollars!!!  I’d educated myself without even realising what was happening!

And suddenly I got what all the bigwigs bang on about; it really ISN’T about the money…

Well, I mean, it’s obviously about the money too; but, that feeling of satisfaction in helping someone get even a tiny step closer to their dream cannot be surpassed.  It’s a wonderful thing.

This all links nicely into my next post, where I’m going to share exactly what the four core activities are, and how I’m implementing them so that my affiliate business soars rather than stumbles.

Plus, I’m going to give you access to some totally free but pretty awesome training!

See you there 🙂

Learn how to set up affiliate marketing the right way
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Over to you…

Whether you’re a newbie to affiliate marketing or an old hand at it, if you’d like to share your story then feel free to comment below 🙂


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