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Does This Ever Happen To You?

Last night I had one of those unnerving episodes where I wake up suddenly out of a deep sleep to a startling moment of clarity and revelation.  I don’t know why my brain operates like this but I wish it wouldn’t!  It requires me to fumble in the dark for my phone and hiss a voice memo into it under the duvet so as not to wake my slumbering husband.  If I don’t do this you can bet your life that, by morning, I’ll have no memory of any epiphany, large or small.

I had a light-bulb-moment in the night, an epiphany, a clear inspiration

What prompted my broken night was the realisation that all the tales of woe and courage resulting from the pandemic have temporarily blinded me to the original purpose of this blog – which was to entertain you with my online journey to riches (!) whilst hopefully giving you some valuable insights along the way.

In the days to come I’ve got loads to share with you, so much in fact that it’s jostling for elbow-room in my brain.  I’ll need to do some serious curation, otherwise we’re all liable to get overwhelmed with trivia!

However, before we get down to brass tacks, I thought I’d use my blog post today to give an honest review of a book I mentioned in my very first post – The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland.  This handy little tome was a godsend for me when I started out and, whilst I promise to strive to stay objective, I think you can tell already that I’m quite a fan!

Before we get stuck in take a quick look at this video…

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“It’s possible to create the life of your dreams with affiliate marketing.  Yet few succeed, while most are left frustrated, overwhelmed and out of pocket.  Why?”

So goes the blurb on the book cover, and it is an intriguing question.

(I’ll just digress for a moment to say that I was SO impressed with this book that I ordered a second one for a friend who was in the throes of setting up an online marketing business.  I knew it was imperative that she read it but I didn’t want to share my own copy – call me selfish!)

In the foreword, Russell Brunson (yes, the Russell Brunson!) recommends we “read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even”.  Well, I must’ve read it from cover to cover at least twice, and now refer to it daily for inspiration and instruction.

So, without more ado, let’s dip in.

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We kick off with a fascinating glimpse into the author’s early life and his fledgling attempts at business. I have to say, it’s comforting and heartening to learn that he struggled just like the rest of us – he is, after all, just an ordinary guy with no special privileges in his background bar that of his exceptionally supportive mum.

The Iceberg Effect is primarily aimed at affiliate marketers but actually there are loads of tactics and strategies within its pages which apply to any online business, so if you aren’t an affiliate marketer and are about to give this review the brush-off then please, hang around for just a bit longer…

For example, we explore the power of a positive mindset, and how this can significantly impact on our success.  In other words, “no amount of marketing tactics or strategies can help us if we do not first work on ourselves”.

Mindfulness street sign, we need to work on ourselves, possible or impossible

It’s amazing how many of us ‘self-sabotage’ by allowing negativity to limit us.  Dean firmly believes that a strong feeling of self-belief stimulates our brains to function in a more rational, balanced way and thus promotes a ‘can-do’ attitude, which has a positive impact on our business.  Well, he would know – he’s built a multi-million dollar business using nothing more than the tactics he spells out in these pages 😉

Let’s move on to where we are encouraged to delve deeply into the question, ‘WHY?’

In other words, it’s not enough just to say, Well, I want to be RICH, obviously!  Dhurrr!!

Yes, but why?  A simple question with an equally simple answer was my initial thought when I first read this book.

Hmmm… not so, actually, as it turns out.

Dean helps to peel back the layers of the metaphorical onion, allowing us to discover things about ourselves and what motivates us (I guarantee this little exercise will surprise you and set you thinking in new and exciting ways).  He firmly believes that, until we are all clear on this juicy issue, our business will stagnate.  Again, he should know 😉

In ‘Life by Design’, we are encouraged to map out exactly what our ‘dream life’ would look like, if money were no object.  Once you’ve got hold of a copy of The Iceberg Effect this bit is fun, so don’t rush through it.  It’s the ultimate ‘if only I could win the lottery’ moment, and I’m sure we’ve all had those.

With the exception of the wealthy (who already know, darn them) we all have a hazy idea of what it’d be like not to have to worry about paying the bills, or going for a spontaneous night out or exotic holiday without first checking whether we have the ‘readies’ in the bank.  It’s The Dream, right?

Exotic beach holiday, the dream of winning the lottery, enough money to pay the bills

But… I’ll bet you’ve never sat down and gone into the minutiae of EXACTLY what that dream-life would be comprised of, have you?  Or exactly how much money your business would need to generate in order to sustain it?

No?  Well, it’s a surprisingly toothsome subject, and it’s well worth following the tactics in this chapter in order to clarify this for you because, as everyone knows, a clear end goal is worth its weight in affiliate marketing gold 😉

As for myself, after I’d read this bit I sat down with pencil and paper to follow Dean’s advice, thinking I knew pretty accurately to the nearest pound/dollar.  Hah!  I was WAY off!!

After this bit of whimsy we get down to the nuts and bolts; in other words, the strategies of setting up and running a successful online affiliate marketing business – the nitty-gritty if you like. The four core areas of focus are explained in some detail:


I know, I know – yawn, yawn!  No wonder the dog is bored!! 😴                                                              Traffic, follow-up, sales system, all these sound boring but are fundamental

BUT, until you’ve got your head around these fundamentals, my friends, frankly you will have no business, no affiliate marketing pot of gold, no dream-life.
Nothing. Nada. Zilch.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll be assuming the only investment you’ll have to worry about when setting up a new venture will be financial.  You’ll be saying to yourself:
‘The only cost to me will be in pounds/dollars because after all, I won’t have any staffing costs – and I don’t have to count my own time, that’d be silly’.

Hourglass demonstrates time passing which is expendable and valuable      Wrong!!     

Your time is one of your most valuable assets, an expendable asset.  We are all guilty of discounting it as inconsequential when, actually, it is of the utmost importance.

As the book goes on to illustrate, dismissal of this most essential ingredient spelled disaster for the traditional model of affiliate marketing and how, by according it its rightful place as a business ‘cost’, we are in a much better position to move the needle forwards.

Ask any internet entrepreneur and they’ll tell you their ultimate happy place would be 7-figures.  It’s what we all yearn for, isn’t it?  Ker-ching!!   Don’t say ‘no’ because I won’t believe you 😉

Well, you’re in luck, because the pièce de résistance of The Iceberg Effect is a simple-to-follow plan which, if applied correctly and with no corner-cutting or diversions, will galvanize any affiliate marketing business, and may well lead to the promised land.

For anyone (especially those who are, how shall we say this politely, ‘technically challenged’ – like me 😄) serious about carving out a sustainable income online, then I think we’re all agreed that affiliate marketing is by far and away the best place to start because it is virtually risk-free – no stock to invest in or store, no major overheads, no staff to pay (except when you get mega successful, and by then who cares about the cost of payroll, frankly!).  And the biggest win-win?  No customer support to handle which, take it from me as someone who knows, can be an absolute pain in the fundament! 🤦‍♀️

He may be mega-successful now, but Dean Holland has courageously turned the spotlight on himself and, in this book, laid himself bare.  It’s succinct, entertaining, informative, and written by a real person, who is candid enough about his early failures and small successes to fill one with hope and motivation.

There are no false claims: nobody who gains the ultimate ‘two-comma’ success does it without diligence, perseverance or sacrifice (in time or money – or both).  However, if you truly want a slice of the pie then I can’t recommend The Iceberg Effect highly enough as the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing.

And it’s free (did I mention that?) – just the cost of postage, which is a trifle.  Get several and hand them out to your friends and colleagues – you’d be doing them a HUGE favour!

What’s that?  Book reviewers are supposed to stay objective and give an unbiased insight reflecting both positive and negative aspects?

Oh, alright, if I must!

Let me see – negative aspects…?  Hmmmmm

I guess I’m not a huge fan of the colour of the cover…

The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland is a book without blemish on the untold secret of affiliate marketing success
Tap here to find out how to purchase  this awesome book!

Who am I kidding?  Turquoisey-green is a terrific colour, one of my favourites!

No, it’s my personal honest opinion that this is a book without blemish, and I wouldn’t be without it.  It has pride of place on the shelf right next to my desk, so I can dip into it any time I need another golden nugget 🙂

Check out our shop for some great resources to help you in your online quest for wealth and happiness 😀


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The Iceberg Effect - an honest review of a new book on affiliate marketing by Dean Holland
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Over to you…

It’d be interesting to get some objective insights from everyone on The Iceberg Effect, so if you have a few minutes spare once you’ve read it do let me know your thoughts.  Or if you have any comments you’d like to share in the meantime, feel free to share them below.


2 thoughts on “The Iceberg Effect – Does This Ever Happen to You?”

  1. Hi, thanks so much for sharing your views on the Iceberg Effect, particularly in the video. Love your mum’s saying, “If you can read you can cook” that’s so true. I guess the issue when it comes to affiliate marketing is that 1: There are so many books, video’s, courses, that people don’t know which one to go for… so your recommendation is very helpful. 2: We don’t have time to read even when we do get the book, again I love the fact that you call out that you need to invest time in growing your business, and that includes education! 3: That even when we do read something, we seem to constantly fail to take action on it. A guess all the learning in the world is of no benefit if you don’t apply it. I for one am eager to hear what you have to share over the coming weeks… do please let us know how you progress through that plan Dean has set out in his book

  2. Hi there, Tony, thanks for leaving this comment 🙂

    I’ve been really fortunate along my journey to stumble across the perfect resources at exactly the moment I needed them and I guess this is why I’m such a fan of this book. I truly believe that EVERYONE who dreams of succeeding in affiliate marketing should read it because they would save themselves SO much time and effort, never mind all the back-tracking to rectify their mistake when they’ve taken the wrong advice from some ‘guru’.

    The thing I admire most about the author is his honesty – he’s obviously a very ethical guy, something which is in short supply these days.

    Wishing you all the best for your own online ‘journey’.
    Debs recommends you read…The Iceberg Effect – Does This Ever Happen to You?My Profile

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